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  • 1 Tokyo Metropolitan University Department of Chemistry Hachioji 192-03 Tokyo Japan
  • | 2 Shizuoka University Radiochemistry Research Laboratory 422 Shizuoka Japan
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The reduction reaction mechanism of carrier-free125Sb in HCl solution was studied kinetically. Sb(III) and Sb(v) were separated by solvent extraction using n-benzoyl-n-phenylhydroxylamine(BPHA) in chloroform at different constant time in interval and the reaction rate was determined by measuring the radioactivities of125Sb in both organic and aqueous phases. Plot of log[125Sb(V)/ [125Sb(III)+125Sb(V)] against the elasped time do not give straight lines. The curves can be solved to be ABC type reactions by a non-linear squares. On the basis of dependence of the reactions, overall reactions can be expressed as follows;