Authors: Y. Jao 1 and W. Cheng 1
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  • 1 Institute of Nuclear Energy Research Chemistry Division P.O. Box 3-6 32500 Lung-Tan Taiwan, (Republic of China)
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A potential68Ge/68Ga generator system has orginally been established by using adsorption chromatography on inorganic adsorbent SiO2. This type of generator delivers 90% of68Ga with the breakthrough levels of68Ge lower than 10–3% per 10 ml of collection volume and readily provides tracer for this experimental study. Three routes for the separation of67Ga from Zn target, including solvent extraction with allylether and cation exchange with Dowex 50W-×8 as well as anion exchange with AG1-×8, have been investigated and compared. The simulated experiments were performed with synthetic solutions containing appropriate amounts of Zn, the possible impurities, Fe, Cu and their radioactive tracers. The results show that a single stage allylether solvent extraction permits an extremely high recovery yield of 99% of67Ga with a desired radionuclidic purity and almost complete removal of the chemical impurities. By a combination of cation-exchange separation followed with allylether extraction, a slightly lower yield (89%) but highest purity of the product can be obtained. The anion exchange process is of less interest due to its low recovery of67Ga and poor decontamination of the impurities.