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  • 1 University of Illinois Program in Art History 107 Mumford House 61801 Urbana IL USA
  • 2 University of Illinois Department of Nuclear Engineering 103 South Goodwin Avenue 61801 Urbana IL USA
  • 3 State University of New York at Buffalo Classical Studies 712 Clemens Hall 14260-4650 Buffalo NY
  • 4 University of Illinois Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials 116 Observatory 61801 Urbana IL USA
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A program of compositional analysis using neutron activation has been performed on samples of Roman fineware from the Palatine East excavations in Rome at the University of Illinois' TRIGA reactor. These experiments are ultimately intended to assist the authors in advancing the understanding of the organization of pottery production and distribution in central Italy during the late Roman imperial period (4th–5th c. AD). The objectives of this paper are 1) to present an archaeological background of two regionally-produced finewares, 2) to discuss the methods of sampling, irradiation and data analyses, and 3) to demonstrate the preliminary results of our investigation, which included the analyses of Plio-Pleistocene clays from the Janiculum Hill in Rome.