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  • 1 Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute Kumatori-cho 590 Osaka Japan
  • | 2 Robert Koch Institute D-1000 Berlin 65 Germany
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An experimental method is described for the synthesis of195mPt-radiolabeled cis-diammine (glycolato) platinum (II) (254-S). Ten mg of 95% enriched194Pt was irradiated for 75 h in the hydraulic conveyer of KUR at a thermal neutron flux of ca. 8.15×1013 n·cm–2·s–1, and the195mPt-radiolabeled 254-S was synthesized and purified using HPLC (column: Dichrosorb Diol, elution: 80% CH3CN). The chemical yield was approximately 45%, with chemical purity greater than 98.4%. The radionuclidic purity was nearly 100% and the specific activity, 7.2 MBq·mg–1 254-S.