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  • 1 Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares Department of Radioactive Materials Sierra Mojada 447 Lomas de Barrilaco C.P. 11010 México D.F. Mexico
  • | 2 Instituto Nacional de Pediatría Department of Nuclear Medicine Insurgentes 3700-C Colonia Cuicuilco Insurgentes C.P. 04330 México D.F. Mexico
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An alkaline kit formulation (pH 9) to obtain [99mTc]MAG3 with radiochemical puritives over 98% has been developed, avoiding the addition of filtered air to the vial, the use of large amounts of99mTc activity (i.e., 3.7 GBq) or the reconstitution of large volumes. The use of this radiopharmaceutical in mice showed a minimal accumulation in the hepatobiliary system (0.37±0.3% I.D., 1 h postinjection). However, in rabbits we always obtained good image quality.