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  • 1 Comenius University Faculty of Natural Sciences Bratislava Slovak Repulic
  • | 2 Slovak Technical University faculty of Chemical Technology Bratislava Slovak Republic
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The possibility to use the monoionic Ag+-form (eventually Hg+- and Hg2+- forms) of clinoptilolite of domestic origin for radioactive iodide elimination from waters has been studied. The capacity of the monoforms of clinoptilolite towards iodide exceeds many times that of the capacity of clinoptilolite in natural form. Due to the low solubility product of AgI, Hg2I2 and HgI2 iodides generate precipitates on the zeolite surface. Rtg analyses of the silver form of clinoptilolite after sorption of iodide demonstrate the formation of new crystals on the zeolite surface. The influence of interfering anions on the adsorption capacity of silver clinoptilolite towards iodide was investigated, too. Kinetic curves of iodide desorption from the surface of silver and mercury clinoptilolite were compared. Simultaneously, adsorption isotherms for the systems aqueous iodide solution/Ag, Hg-clinoptilolite were determined.