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  • 1 University of Peshawar Radiation Chemistry Laboratory, National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry 25120 Peshawar Pakistan
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The aqueous solution of coumarin has been studied spectrophotometrically as a -ray dosimeter and effects of temperature and light conditions on the stability of response during post-irradiation storage have been studied. Post-irradiation storage at room temperature in dark showed that after a very small increase in absorbance within the first 6 d, the response of the dosimeter was stable up to 42 d. At lower temperature (–15 °C), there was some decrease in absorbance within the first 24 h followed by a stable response up to 35 d. For post-irradiation storage at higher temperatures (40, 60 °C) the dosimeter, apart from some initial increase in absorbance, showed a nearly stable response up to 25 d. The effect of different light conditions during post-irradiation storage has also been studied. When stored in fluorescent light the response was almost stable from 6 d till about 40 d. In diffuse sunlight, the response was stable up to about 35 d at 360 nm and 370 nm but showed a somewhat unstable behavior at 347 nm. The dosimetric solutions were unstable when exposed to direct sunlight.