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  • 1 Facultad de Química Cátedra de Química Inorgánica Casilla de Correo 1157 Montevideo Uruguay
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A99Tc-ADP complex was prepared when KTcO4 was reduced in aquous medium by SnCl2, Na2S2O4, NaBH4 or Zn in the presence of ADP in excess. The resulting solution was studied by chromatography and spectrophotometry. Electrochemical reduction and substitution on [TcIII(tu)6]3+ were investigated as alternative synthetic routes. The anionic Tc-ADP complex was isolated as a solid. Cerimetric titrations confirmed the oxidation state +3 for the central atom. IR and1H-NMR data showed that the purine base is bonded to the Tc central atom but not the ribose moiety. No oxo groups seemed to be directly bonded to the Tc atom. The complex is rather stable in neutral solutions. However, it decomposes to pertechnetate and TcO2 at extreme pH values.