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  • 1 Kenya Meteorological Department P. O. Box 30259 Nairobi (Kenya)
  • 2 University of Nairobi Institute of Nuclear Science P.O.Box 30197 Nairobi (Kenya)
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Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis of aerosol samples in Nairobi is presented. Results show that elemental concentrations are of the order of 10–4 to 10–6g/m3 for most elements analyzed. The total suspended particulate (TSP) matter was between 30–80 g/m3 for the entire sampling period between December 1993 to October 1994. Levels of lead (Pb) are below WHO guidelines. However, the obtained bromine (Br) to Pb ratio: 0.3–0.51, shows the origin of Pb to be from vehicular emissions. This ratio was particularly high during the months of April to July 1994 which were also found to be very active in terms of weather parameters.