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  • 1 Lanzhou University Department of Modern Physics P.O. Box 44 730000 Lanzhou (P.R. China)
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The methods including collection method, extraction-collection method, and special extraction-collection method have been investigated for high speed and efficient recovery of palladium from high pH reprocessing waste of spent nuclear fuel. The equilibrium of the reactions can be obtained is less than 1 minute. The maximum percent recovery of Pd is about 89%, 96% and 97% for collection, extraction-collection, and special extraction-collection methods, respectively. Nearly 100% of back extraction of Pd in the organic phase can be attained by using 7.4M ammonia solution, with a phase ratio of 1:1. The purity of the Pd product is high. The percent recovery of Pd is constant, up to 5·103 Gy of irradiation dose.