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  • 1 Laboratory of Radiochemistry Department of Chemistry P. O. Box 55 FIN-00014 (Finland)
  • 2 Åbo Akademi Accelerator Laboratory Pothansgatan 3 FIN-20500 Åbo 50 (Finland)
  • 3 V. G. Khlopin Radium Institute Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Medicine St. Petersburg (Russia)
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The cross sections for the3He induced nuclear reactions on237Np leading to the formation of236sNp,238Np,236Pu,237Pu,238Pu,237Am and239Am were studied by the irradiation of thin and thick targets of237Np. The cross sections were determined in the energy range of 20–26 MeV using the stacked-foil technique with thin targets. The cross sections were used for the calculation of the thick-target yields for the production of236Pu,237Pu and238Pu from237Np irradiated with3He2+ ions in the energy range of 20–26 MeV.