Author: K. Ito 1
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  • 1 Tohoku University Institute for Advanced Materials Processing 1-1, Katahira, 2chome, Aobaku 980 Sendai (Japan)
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Technetium(VII) extraction has been investigated to obtain useful information concerming the back-extraction of Tc(VII). Radioactive technetium-95m was used to determine the distribution ratio (DTc) of95mTcO 4 for Tc(VII) extraction using Primene JMT (RNH2) in heptane solution. An emulsion formation did not occur in the ammonium carbonate system but occurred in the sodium hydroxide solutions. The extraction mechanism has also determined by using the slope analysis method to study the relationships between logDTc and log [RNH2], and between logDTc and pH.