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  • 1 ERICo Velenje-Ecological Research & Industrial Cooperation Koroška 64 P. O. Box 22 SI-63320 Velenje (Slovenia)
  • | 2 J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana Jamova 39 SI-61111 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
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Three watersheds were studied by sampling bulk precipitation deposition, seepage water at 50 cm soil depth and spring water. As the main analytical method for determination of trace elements and heavy metals in water samples, thek0-based method of INAA was used. The results showed an increased content and concentration range of trace elements in precipitation, soil water and spring water in the vicinity of the otanj Thermal Power Plant. We demonstrated that thek0-based method of INAA as a multielement nondestructive technique is a highly suitable approach to determining some toxic trace elements in environmental studies of the water cycle.