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  • 1 Institute of Radiation Medicine 27 Taiping Road 100850 Beijing P.R. China
  • | 2 Northern Institute of Immunological Reagents No. A-20 Panjiamiao Huangtugang, Fengtai District 100076 Beijing P.R. China
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Three types of magnetic microparticle antibodies were developed: 1) magnetic second antibody I (MSA-I) where the antibody molecules were directly immobilized by physical adsorption on Fe3O4 microparticles (magnetic nucleus, MN) 10nm±34% in diameter, 2) magnetic second antibody II (MSA-II) where the antibody molecules were immobilized by chemical coupling on the MN coated with polyacrolein, and 3) magnetic, first antibody (MFA-T3) where the anti-T3 antibody molecules were specifically immobilized by immunoadsorption to the second antibody molecules of the MSA-II. The optimal conditions for their preparation were elaborated. Some physical, chemical and immunological characteristics of these magnetic microparticles were described. The application of the MSA-I, MSA-II and MFA-T3 to RIAs for evaluation of thyroid function, such as triiodothyronine (T3), reverse T3(rT3), free T3 (fT3), thyroxine (T4), free T4(fT4), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroglobulin (TG) and TG-antibody (TG-Ab), etc., was reported.