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  • 1 Zhejiang Agricultural University Institute of Nuclear-Argicultural Sciences 310029 Hangzhou P.R. China
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The behaviour of p,p-DDE in upland and flooded soil conditions was studied by using14C-p,p-DDE in Hangzhou, China. The dissipation speed of14C-DDE from upland soil is faster than that from flooded soil, especially in the second phase. In flooded soil, 0–8 week T1/2=3.42 (methanol extractable); 8–43 week, T1/2=10.10; in uplan soil, 0–8 week, T1/2=3.22; 8–43 week, T1/2=7.22. There is not too much difference in the distribution patten between upland and flooded soil. Most of the14C-residue is within 2 cm layer of soil column. DDE is very stable in both upland and flooded soil conditions. Experiments were carried out under natural conditions in a net house. LSC (Pachard 1900TR) was used for14C-counting. TLC technique[4] was engaged for the analyzing of its degradation products.