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  • 1 Comenius University Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences Mlynska dolina CH-2 SK-842 15 Bratislava Slovak Republic
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Post-column derivatization detection system based on dithizone solubilized in cetyltrimethyl-ammonium hydrogenesulfate micellar media at pH 2.0 was devised and evaluated for selective detection of mercury(II), methylmercury and phenylmercury in reversed-phase HPLC system with photometric detection at 500 nm. This reagent solution is fully compatible with acidic organo-aqueous mobile phases generally used in RPHPLC. With the aid of the detection systematic study of the retention behaviour of three mercury species on octadecylsilica sorbent was carried out. Influence of pH, acetonitrile volume fraction, complex forming additives was investigated in detail. In mobile phase consisting of 5–30% of acetonitrile in water at pH 2.0 and 2·10–4 mol·I–1 DCTA linear calibration curves were measured in range 20–1000 ppb with correlation coefficient better than 0.99. Detection limits were 1–5 ng for this three mercury species. Interferences of copper(II) and silver(I) are negligible.