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  • 1 Comenius University Department of Nuclear Chemistry 842 15 Bratislava Slovak Republic
  • | 2 Comenius University Department of Geology of Mineral Deposits 842 15 Bratislava Slovak Republic
  • | 3 Institute of Polymers of Slovak Academy of Science Bratislava Slovak Republic
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Inorganic sorbents are often used in separation of metals and radionuclides in radioanalytical application and they were also used in technological scale for separation of radionuclides in cleanup of Three Mile Island NPP. Inorganic sorbents become popular in the last years because no problem with organic contamination, there are stable against radiation, sorption efficiency can be tailor made for selective separation of chosen metal. Contrary to the organic sorbents they have usually lower capacity and chemical stability is limited to narrower pH. Nevertheless of some problems, many good properties of inorganic sorbents make them very attractive for sorption study.