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  • 1 Comenius University Department of Nuclear Chemistry Faculty of Natural Science 84215 Bratislava Slovak Republic
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In general, the amount of radiocesium sorbed by the five sorbents with 0.01 mol·dm–3 NaCl was in order zeolite > NiFeCN–SiO2 > montmorillonite > aerogel > silica gel. Addition of humic acid solution to the sorbents depressed the sorption of cesium by all sorbents, except for NiFeCN–SiO2 was not seen, with the greatest effect showing to the aerogel. The presence of humic acid resulted in an enhanced desorption of cesium from zeolite, NiFeCN–SiO2 and to a lesser extent from montmorillonite and silica gel. The order of cesium retention following desorption for both sorbent and sorbent/humic-acid mixtures was zeolit > NiFeCN–SiO2 > montmorillonite > silica gel. The presence of humic acid resulted in decreasing of distribution coefficient values for both sorption and desorption processes.