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  • 1 A. József University and Research Group for Biocoordination Chemistry of Hungarian Academy of Sciences Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry P.O. Box 440 H-6701 Szeged (Hungary)
  • 2 L. Eötvös University Department of Atomic Physics P.O. Box 324 H-1088 Budapest (Hungary)
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Iron(III) complexes of D-saccharose and D-glucose were prepared. The compositions of the complexes were determined by standard analytical methods. The Mössbauer spectra reflected the presence of high-spin iron(III) in the polynuclear species. EPR spectroscopy demonstrated antiferromagnetically coupled iron(III) centers within the solid complexes. The13C NMR spectra indicated the presence of a mixture of coordination isomers of iron(III) complexes containing the sugar ligand in differently bound forms.