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  • 1 Mendeleev Chemical-Technological Institute Moscow USSR
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The adsorption on paraffine and polyethylene and the paper chromatography in aqueous solutions in the pH range of 2–12 were used for the study of the behaviour of95Zr and95Nb. The effect of complexing ions (SO 42− and CO 32− ) was studied in the same pH range. The constants of hydrolysis and the composition of hydrolytic species of95Zr in the solution containing sulphate ions were determined in the pH range of 1–2. The paper chromatography was used for the control of the purity of95Zr after an extractive separation from95Nb with α-benzoinoxime. The possibility of studying the extraction processes of Zr (without its previous separation from Nb) by reversed phase chromatography is shown. Conditions for the formation of polynuclear compounds of Zr and Nb and their influence on the extraction separation in nitrate media were studied.