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  • 1 Zentralinstitut für Kernforschung Rossendorf bei Dresden DDR
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Four chromatographic support materials from the production of GDR firms, one polytetrafluoroethylene support from USSR, polytrifluorochlorethylene and Hyflo-Super-Cel were investigated for suitability under conditions of separation of uranium from other constituents of irradiated uranium fuel solutions with tributylphosphate as an extracting agent. Among the supports there is a new material developed in GDR on the basis of polytetrafluoroethylene with some favorable properties. The experimental results are discussed in connection with the problem of comparison criteria for columns with supports differing in chemical nature, particle size and other parameters. Reduced plate height and velocity were used to arrange experiments under comparable conditions. The results indicate the fluorocontaining supports to be the most suitable ones from the investigated materials for the considered separation problem.