Author: H. Haug 1
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  • 1 Institut für Heisse Chemie Kernforschungszentrum Postfach 3640 75 Karlsruhe FRG
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A cation-exchange cycle has been developed for the recovery and concentration of the Am/Cm product from a DTPA/lactic acid solution used in an extraction process for the isolation and separation of the actinides from lanthanide fission products. The optimum pH region for the sorption of Am3+ from 0.05M DTPA/1M lactic acid solutions by strongly acidic cation-exchange resins is pH 0.9–1.0. Maximum usable capacities, heights of the exchange zone, and concentration factors for different resins, cross-linkages and temperatures have been determined. Decontamination factors are given for some fission products, as well as U, Np and Pu.