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  • 1 International Atomic Energy Agency Laboratory A-2444 Seibersdorf Austria
  • 2 Atomic Energy Research Institute Chongryang-ri P. O. Box 7 Seoul Korea
  • 3 T.A.E.C. Cekmece Nuclear Research Center, Saglik Fizigi Böl. P.K. 1 Hava Alani Istanbul Turkey
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A method has been developed for the extraction of uranium, neptunium and plutonium from human urine using the comparatively cheap technical amine ALAMINE-336. These elements are coprecipitated with a calcium phosphate carrier, which is then subjected to a wet-ashing procedure with NHO3/H2O2 and HCl/H2O2. The residue is dissolved in 10M hydrochloric acid and U, Np and Pu are extracted with a 10% ALAMINE-336/xylene solution, followed by subsequent back-extraction with 10M HCl/NH4I (Pu), 4M HCl/HF (Np) and 0.1M HCl (U), respectively. The average recoveries are around 95%.