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  • 1 University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology Komaba 4-6-1, Meguro-ku 153 Tokyo (Japan)
  • 2 University of Tokyo Department of Chemistry and Life Science, Graduate School of Engineering Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku 113 Tokyo (Japan)
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Positron annihilation lifetime measurements of PMMA, PEMA, PiPMA, PnPMA and PnBMA were performed in the temperature range between 15 and 300 K, where , and relaxational transitions occur for these polyalkylmethacrylates. The variations of free volume size and content calculated from the longest lifetime component against temperature are correlated to the results obtained by dielectric, viscoelastic and dynamic mechanical relaxation data of the polymers. The variations of free volume sizes and contents, apparent free volume fraction and size distribution of the polyalkylmethacrylates are well correlated with the rotational transitions of side chains. The location of free volumes, in which positronium annihilates can be estimated near the vicinity of alkyl groups bound to oxygen atom of side ester chains.