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  • 1 Wuhan University Department of Physics 430072 Wuhan (P.R. China)
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In this paper, the Laplace inversion technique, i.e., CONTIN program, has been used to analyze the positron lifetime spectra to obtain continuous annihilation rate distribution (ARD). Two kinds of materials were studied by measuring the positron ARD. In dealuminated Y-type zeolite, five peaks were observed, and the longest component is related to o-Ps lifetime in the secondary pores. In GaAs and in InP semiconductors, the native defects were successfully identified by the difference in positron ARD shape. More evidently, when InP sample was irradiated with high energy heavy ions, the positron ARD showed difference with different irradiation dose. These results indicate that the CONTIN analysis is a good complement to the PATFIT program.