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  • 1 Nuclear Research Institute CZ-250 68 Řež Czech Republic
  • | 2 Institute of Inorganic Chemistry CZ-250 68 Řež Czech Republic
  • | 3 Charles University Faculty of Science Albertov 7 CZ-128 00 Prague 2 Czech Republic
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Iron(III) hydroxide and oxide-hydroxide samples prepared by precipitation of 0.2M iron(III) nitrate solution by 5M NaOH and subsequently aged at pH 12 for times of up to 50 h have been characterized. The sorption properties towards Sr2+ were characterized by radiotracer method using85Sr, morphology of the samples was characterized by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Emanation Thermal Analysis. X-ray diffraction patterns characterized the crystallinity of the samples aged for various times. The maximum (100%) sorption capacity for85Sr corresponding to amorphous iron(III) hydroxide decreased to 75% with the time of precipitate ageing (up to 40 h). This finding corresponds to the development in crystallinity and morphology of the sorbent.