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  • 1 Lauder Radon Lab. Budapest Hungary
  • | 2 Eötvös University Department of Atomic Physics Budapest Hungary
  • | 3 Technical University Institute of Nuclear Technology Budapest Hungary
  • | 4 Hungarian Academy of Sciences Section of Earth Sciences Budapest Hungary
  • | 5 SCK. CEN Boeretang 200 B-2100 Mol Belgium
  • | 6 National Geological Institute Budapest Hungary
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For the public, indoor radon is the main source of exposure from ionizing radiation. Radon gas originates from the radioactive decay chain of uranium deposited in rocks or in building materials. In the reviews mostly a rather steady radon exhalation has been assumed. In a village of North-East Hungary, however, high radon concentrations have been measured, differing strongly in neighbouring houses and varying in time, due to the interplay of several geochemical phenomena.