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  • 1 Lanzhou University Department of Modern Physics 730000 Lanzhou P. R. China
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The effect of different solid components of calcareous soil on the retention of I was investigated by a batch technique and selective extraction method, and the effect of -irradiation was also investigated. The sorption and desorption isotherms of I on the one untreated, three treated soils and the calcareous soil irradiated with -rays were determined at 30 °C, pH 8.1±0.2 and in the presence of 1.0×10–4M or 0.67×10–5M CaCl2. It was found that the sorption-desorption hysteresis on the calcareous soil actually occurs on the same time scale, that iodine can be easily transported in the calcareous soil and that the exceptionally high contribution of organic matter to the iodine sorption is demonstrated.