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  • 1 University of Illinois, 214 NEL Department of Nuclear Engineering 103 S. Goodwin Ave. 61801 Urbana IL USA
  • | 2 Argonne National Lab. Chemical Technology Division 9700 S. Cass Ave. 60439 Argonne IL USA
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The separation of99Mo from low-enriched uranium (LEU, 19.5%235U) targets was evaluated using natural uranium (NU) and non-radioactive tracers. Neutron activation analysis was used to determine (1) the efficiency of molybdenum recovery and (2) the decontamination factor of numerous fission product elements from the molybdenum product. Using NU and non-radioactive elements simplified procedures and allowed tests to be completed in a fume hood instead of a shielded cell. During activation of the non-radioactive tracers, uranium fission occurs, which can interfere with subsequent gamma-ray analysis. A comparison was made of the interferences caused by these fission products from both NU and LEU.