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  • 1 Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering P.O. Box MG-6 7600 Bucharest Romania
  • 2 Biotechnos S.A. Bucharest Romania
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A method was developed for the determination of element concentrations in structured water samples (water with high oligoelements content). Sixteen elements (As, Br, Ca, Ce, Co, Cr, Eu, Fe, K, La, Lu, Na, Sb, Sc, Sm, Zn) were determined in 4 structured water samples and one taken from the water tap. The samples were preconcentrated evaporating 1 1 at atmospheric pressure and obtaining 100–500 mg of dry residue. Measurement accuracy by -spectroscopy was 3–30% and it can be improved by increasing the measurement time. The method allows simultaneous multielement analysis of various water sources and may successfully be used in environmental pollution control.