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  • 1 Delft University of Technology Interfaculty Reactor Institute Mekelweg 15 2629 JB Delft The Netherlands
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Neutron activation analysis is attractive for trace-element determinations in large samples. Facilities for reactor irradiation and -ray spectrometry of kilogram-size cylindrical samples are described. The thermal neutron flux is ca. 5·1012m–2·s–1 with ath/epi>104, so neutron self-thermalization can be neglected. The correction for the neutron attenuation within the sample is derived from measurement of the neutron flux depression just outside the sample. Correction for -attenuation in the sample is performed via linear attenuation coefficients derived via transmission measurements. Also the natural radioactivity in the sample is taken into account. Examples are given of materials to which large sample INAA has been applied successfully, and further lines of development and exploration are indicated.