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  • | 2 Ehime University Bunkyo 790 Matsuyama, Ehime Japan
  • | 3 Waseda University Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology Nishi-waseda, Shinjuku 169 Tokyo Japan
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Boron and carbon on the surface of silicon wafers in ordinary atmospheres were measured by activation with the10B(d,n)11C and12Cd(d,n)13N reaction, respectively. Two sample plates in intimate contact were bombarded by deuterons, and the11C or13N formed at the inside surfaces were measured after chemical separation. From 1.2·1013 to 8.4·1013 atoms/cm2 of boron and from 2.4·1014 to 6.1·1015 atoms/cm2 of carbon were found ,and the sensitivity was extended down to 5·1012 and 3·1012 atoms/cm2 for boron and carbon, respectively.