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  • 1 C.E.N. Saclay Groupe des Sciences de la Terre, Lab. Pierre Sile B.P. 6 F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex France
  • | 2 Ecole des Mines Centre d'Informatique Géologique 35 rue St. Honoré F-77305 Fontainebleau Cedex France
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We have developed an INAA techniques for analyzing single crystals extracted from rocks. Trace element contents have been measured in a large variety of mineral species, as well as isotopic ratios of some REE in minerals related to natural fission reactions. The sensitivity of INAA allows to avoid the main shortcomings of usual mineral geochemistry: (1) only very short quantities of minerals are needed (down to a few g), so that even very sparse minerals could be analyzed, (2) purity of minerals is carefully checked, and (3) the heterogeneity of a population may be studied. The method is especially useful when applied to minerals acting as tracers for some element families, e.g. REE in Ca-bearing minerals (fluorite, apatite, titanite, gamet) and Zr-bearing minerals, or chalcophile elements (Co, Ni, As, Sb, Mo, Ag, Au and Se) in sulfides. We present an application of the method to the Oklo U deposit in Gabon showing that features outlined above are of special interest for the study of hydrothermal processes.