Authors: C. Tsai 1 and S. Yeh 1
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  • 1 National Tsing Hua University Department of Nuclear Science 30043 Hsinchu Taiwan, ROC
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Taiwan monazite is a unique mineral obtained from the heavy sand found in the river floor of Tzuo-suei river and En-suei river. Both rivers are flowing parallel with separated narrow area into the sea at southwestern coast of Taiwan. The characteristic of monazite is that it contains considerable rare earth elements (REEs). REEs are considered very useful elements in the local industries and scientific researches such as ceramic, semiconductors, and glass optics. In this study, chemical neutron activation analysis (CNAA) was used to determine the contents of REEs in Taiwan monazite. A few milligram of monazite was digested in the microwave oven for 25 minutes with mixed acid (conc. HNO3 and HClO4). REEs were preconcentrated by hydrated magnesium oxide and CNAA was performed.