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  • 1 Ibaraki University Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science 310 Mito Japan
  • | 2 Hitachi Instruments Engineering Co., Ltd. 312 Katsuta Japan
  • | 3 Hitachi, Ltd. Instrument Div. 312 Katsuta Japan
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A novel analytical method, the substoichiometric isotope dilution mass spectrometry (SIDMS) has been proposed. This method consists of the substoichiometric separation of the element in question and the subsequent intensity measurement of a stable isotope of the element with a mass spectrometer. In SIDMS, the correction of the mass discrimination of isotope measurement is not necessary and the use of expensive enriched stable isotopes may be avoided. The validity and the usefulness of SIDMS are demonstrated by the substoichiometric extraction of iron(III) with 4-isopropyltropolone and 3,5-dichlorophenol following microwave-induced plasma mass spectrometry.