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  • 1 Guru Nanak Dev University Department of Chemistry 143005 Amritsar India
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Thermal decomposition of some hydroxy iron(III) carboxylates, i.e., iron(III) lactate, Fe(CH3CHOHCOO)3, iron(III) tartrate, Fe2(C4H4O6)3 and iron(III) citrate, Fe(C6H5O7) · 5H2O has been studied in static air atmosphere in the temperature range 298–773 K employing Mössbauer, infrared spectroscopies and themogravimetric methods. The compounds directly decompose to -Fe2O3 without undergoing reduction to iron(II) intermediates. An increase in particle size of -Fe2O3 has been observed with increasing decomposition temperature. The thermal stability follows the sequence: iron(III) tartrate > iron(III)citrate > iron(III)lactate.