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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Process Engineering and Systems Development Division 400 085 Mumbai India
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The amphoteric nature of hydrous silica-titania gel and its sorption behaviour towards cesium were studied. In NaNO3 solution, the point of zero change (pHpzc) of the gel was found to be 4.22 by pH-titration. The fraction of protonated, deprotonated and neutral surface hydroxyl groups as a function of pH have been computed. Sorption of cesium increased with the increase of pH, reached maximum at a pH of 7 followed by a plateau. Significant uptake of cesium was observed even when the pH was less than pHpzc. Nearly 70% sorption was observed at pHpzc. The free energy of specific adsorption was found to be –18.7 kJ·mol–1.