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  • 1 Kobe University Division of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Human Development Tsurukabuto 3-11 657 Nada, Kobe Japan
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Gamma-ray intensities were measured of the ground on an eastern part of the Kobe urban area, where a strong earthquake occurred in January 1995 killing 6000 people, in order to investigate hidden faults and its relation to the damage of constructions. Several linear alignments of relatively high -ray intensity points were detected and at least some of them are considered to be ascribed to small-scale faults. It can be pointed out that the localities of such high -ray alignments are almost in accordance with those of relatively highly damaged zones. However, a long and distinct high -ray alignment as expected for a large fault which runs through the heavy damage belt does not exist beneath the area, supporting non-fault origin for the overall heavy damage belt.