Authors: X. Lin 1 and X. Li 1
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  • 1 Universität München Institut für Radiochemie der Technischen 85747 Garching Germany
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To order to examine experimentally the modified monostandard method implemented in the program MULTINAA, the FRM reactor in Garching (Germany) was calibrated and an INAA of a standard reference material NIST/SRMI1633b Coal Fly Ash was performed. The relative, thek0-and the modified monostandard standardizations are applied. This work shows that for all of the examined 1/-nuclides the modified monostandard method provides identical analytical results to those determined by thek0-method. For the non-1/ nuclides177Lu and152Eu the monostandard results are correct. Compared with the certified values of the analysed SRM1633b sample and also with the results of the relative method, it can be concluded that the modified monostandard method performed at our experimental conditions gives analytical results with accuracy better than 5%.