Authors: X. Huang 1 and R. Wang 1
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  • 1 Tianjin University Department of Chemical Engineering 300072 Tianjin P.R. China
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Direct anchoring of the synergistic extractant TOPO-P204 onto the inner walls of mesoporous molecular sieve generates a non-stoichiometric synergistic extractive membrane absorbent: MCM-TP which has well-spaced and structurally well defined active sites. Specifically, the feasibility of applying the MCM-TP absorbent with an absorption capacity of 0.02 mmol[Pd]/gabsorbent to the recovery of non-radioactive palladium from spent nuclear fuels has been examined showing an advantage over the liquid-liquid extraction or precipitation method. MCM-TP studied by powder XRD, TEM and29Si MAS NMR indicates that it has 35 Å regular, well-defined channels and an improved hydrothemal stability.