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  • 1 The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Nuclear Research P.O. Box 800-204 201800 Shanghai P.R. China
  • | 2 Laiyang Agricultural College Department of Basic Course 265200 Laiyang Shandong Province P.R. China
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N,N,N,N-tetrabutylmalonamide (TBMA) was synthesized and used for extraction of uranyl(II) ion from nitric acid media in toluene. The effects of nitric acid concentration, extractant concentration, temperature and salting-out agent (LiNO3) on distribution coefficients of uranyl(II) ion have been studied. The extraction of nitric acid is also studied. The main adduct of TBMA and HNO3 is HNO3. TBMA in 1.0 mol/l nitric acid solution. The 1:2:3 complex of uranyl(II) ion, nitrate ion and TBMA as extracted species is further confirmed by IR spectra of the extraction of uranyl(II) ion with TBMA, and found that the NO 3 in the extraction species UO2(NO3)2·3TBMA did not participate in coordination of uranyl(II) ion. The values of thermodynamic parameters have also been calculated.