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  • 1 Instituto Superior de Ciencias y Technología Nucleares Salvandor Allende Ave, y Luaces 6163 Havana Cuba
  • | 2 Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares C.P. 11049-CEP 055422-970 S. Paulo Brazil
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Adsorption of Cr(VI) by two tannin sorbents is evaluated using radiotracers. Evaluation of the sorption process shows that the Cr(VI)-tannin molecule binding is the principal responsible for chromium adsorption. High sorption capacities were registered for both sorbents at pH 2. ForEucaliptus Saligna Sm sorbent (ETS) sorption capacity is 0.92±0.03 mmol/g and forLysiloma latisiliqua sorbent (LTS) is 3.8±0.3 mmol/g. Influence of different ions present in water is examined. High sorption capacity is reported for LTS in sea and tap water samples. It represents 90–94% of adsorption in distillated water.