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DTPA-Octreotide(Pentetreotide), a somatostatin analogue which can bind specifically and with high affinity to somatostatin receptor in vitro and vivo, labeled with99mTc by tin reduction in acetate buffer, has been characterized by Reverse-phase High performance Liquid Chromatography. The effect of different solvents, mobile phase pH, linear gradient and the injected volume on the separation efficiency was evaluated. The results show that the separation efficiency is best using μBondapak-C18 (300×3.9 mm2), linear gradient of 40% to 80% methanol (1.0 ml/min) in 0.05M acetate buffer (pH 5.5) over a 30 min period and maintaining for another 10 min. The labeled product is a mixture which mainly consists of five components (a, b, c, d, e) successfully proved by HPLC. Paper chromatography is also evaluated in this paper. It may be used to determine the radiochemical purity of the labeling product, but is not a good choice for the verification each components.