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  • 1 National Institute of Nuclear Research Chemistry Department Col. Escandon Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo P.O. Box 18-1027 11801 Mexico D.F. Mexico
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The electrophoretic mobility of some radionuclides has been measured to understand its attractive or repulsive tendencies towards other charged species in the medium. In this study, the chemical state of trace concentrations of88Y,103Ru,134Cs, and141Ce in the presence of UO 22+ , as a dominant component, in strongly alkaline aqueous solutions (pH>13) was characterized.88Y and141Ce settled almost completely as colloidal species; whereas103Ru,134Cs, and uranium remained as ions. These results closely correlate a procedure for defining both the composition of the water in contact with the fuel and the practical applicability of modified sorbents.