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  • 1 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Environmental Sciences Institute 32307 Tallahassee Florida USA
  • 2 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division P.O. Box 2008 37831 Oak Ridge Tennessee USA
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The flux of cold neutrons that is obtainable from various high energy netron sources is studied for a particular model of a cold neutron source when the cold moderation region of the apparatus is at 20, 70, and 298K. The maximum flux obtained with a californium-252 source was 2.7·10−3 cold neutron per (cm2·second (source neutron)). This flux was obtained when the cold moderation region of the apparatus was at 20K and when the thermal moderator is either polyethylene or trimethylbenzene and the cold moderator is polyethylene. This flux should allow sensitive prompt and delayed neutron activation analysis measurements.