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  • 1 Institute for Physics and Chemistry Research 351-01 Wako-shi, Saitama Japan
  • 2 University of Tokyo RCNST Tokai 319-11 Ibaraki Japan
  • 3 Japan Steel Works Ltd. 051 Muroran Japan
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Fluorine-18 produced by the18O(p,n)18F reaction on18O-water has proved to be highly useful as a source for a slow positron beam. About 70 GBq of18F is produced routinely by an ultra-compact cyclotron. The18F formed in H218O target is sent through a fine pipe to the site of positron slowing-down, fixed on a small spot by adsorption or drying, and then placed close to the moderator foil. An automatic apparatus has been set up for the entire process including the recovery of H218O.