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  • 1 KAERI Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute P.O. Box 105 305-600 Yosong, Taejon Korea
  • | 2 KIGAM Korea Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials P.O. Box 111 305-350 Yusong, Taejon Korea
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Instrumental neutron activation analysis has been applied in the determination of toxic and other trace elements in a set of three algae materials provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency, with the aim of environmental preservation through enhanced applications of nuclear analytical techniques. The quality of the analysis method has been evaluated by analyzing a number of biological standard reference materials. By adding mineral nutrients, the cultivation of algae for metals is enhanced, in particular, selected toxic heavy metals such as As, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni and Pb. It is believed that the level of elemental concentration in algae samples are dependent on environmental conditions due to its biochemical properties. Therefore, algae materials may be useful as an indicator or controller of environmental water pollution.