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  • 1 ITN Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear Estrada Nac. 10/P2685 Sacavém Portugal
  • | 2 Hospital de Santa Maria Serviço de Radioterapia Portugal
  • | 3 Faculdade Medicina de Lisboa Centro de Farmacologia Experimental e Clínica Portugal
  • | 4 Universitat de Valência Dep. Biologia Animal Spain
  • | 5 Univ. Polit. Madrid E.T.S.I. Telecomunicación Spain
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The goal of this work is to pursue the research activity in BNC and the installation of a therapy facility in the position presently occupied by the thermal column. With these objectives the experimental studies in mice and cells are continuing while improvements in the facilities are created or prepared. For this effect: (1) the installation of lead shield in the vertical access of the thermal column, which resulted in an enhancement of the Φth toDγ ratio, was performed, (2) the adaptation of a beam tube to deliver a dominantly thermal or epithermal beam in two possible beam openings is being done and (3) Monte Carlo calculations aiming at the optimization of the conditions for the therapy installation are in progress.