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  • 1 Instituto Superior de Ciencias y Tecnología Nucleares Havana Cuba
  • 2 Centro de Isótopos Havana Cuba
  • 3 Universidad de San Carlos Guatemala
  • 4 Instituto Superior Politécnico de Pinar del Río Cuba
  • 5 Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares México D.F. México
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This paper explains chronologically the implementation of thek0-standardization and other parametric methods in Cuba. Fundamental and applied results in the determination of the most important parameters are obtained, using the IBR-2 at Dubna and Triga Mark III at Mexico reactor facilities. Some modifications in the Stoughton-Halpering convention, and its comparison with the modified Westcott and Høgdahl method are presented. The application of the described methods at the CS-ISCTN low flux facility, using the big samples techniques, is presented.