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  • 1 Instituto Superior de Ciencias y Tecnología Nucleares Ave. Salvador Allende y Luaces Apdo. Postal 6163, Plaza de la Revolución 10600 Havana Cuba
  • 2 Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares Carr. México-Toluca, km 36 1/2, Salazar México D.F. México
  • 3 Universidad de San Carlos Guatemala
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The main results obtained during the characterization of the Triga Mark III reactor at NNRI, Salazar, Mexico, the development of the nonconventional multimonitor HAV-1, the use of Certified Reference Material (CRM) as multimonitor fork0-factors experimental determination, and to study the reactor power and slowing-down thickness dependencies of the reactor flux parameters and its influence ink0-INAA are presented. The experience of thek0-INAA group at ISCTN, in the application of this analytical technique for different purposes is resumed.